What are your goals in life?

I work as a waitress and yesterday the chef asked me what my life goals are out of the blue. Scary. But it got me thinking, I’ve always seemed to focus on what I want to be doing in the next five years or so, but never what I actually want to have achieved by the end of my life. So, here are my hopes in list form, for my future self to refer to I suppose:

  1. Travel – A cliche I know. But ever since my first trip abroad I’ve been inspired to learn about new cultures and ways of life through travelling. The aim is to have visited as many countries as possible throughout my life. Right now, I’d probably prioritise America, specifically New York, China, Egypt and parts of Europe I haven’t visited, particularly Greece and Italy.
  2. Family – Again, probably one of the most common desires! I’d absolutely love to have children at some point in my life, no idea how many but I’ve got my heart set on it!
  3. Live in London – Ever since visiting the amazing city I’ve aspired to live there one day. Personally, I absolutely love being in a busy environment and being surrounded by rich culture and things to do. I hate being unproductive or wasting a day at home, so I’m sure that being in London would inspire and fulfil my dreams – as cheesy as that sounds!
  4. Career – Along with living in London, I’d obviously love to work there. My dream job is to be working at the BBC, hopefully in radio which is something my life often revolves around! I think Radio 1 producer would be the dream, but as I’m studying media at uni (hopefully), I’d like to think I’ll have a broad knowledge of the media by the end of those expensive three years! I think as long as I’m doing something creative or influential, I’ll be more than happy.
  5. I’d rather regret something I did do, rather than not doing it – I’d love to stock to this motto throughout my life. At the moment, I’m gaining confidence after a bit of a rough period at secondary school. I’ve now realised that I had nothing to worry about in terms of what others think of me, so from now on, I think I should ‘go for it’ a lot more often.

There is a lot more to add to this list, but for now those are my basic hopes for life in general. Thanks to the chef at work for literally making me re evaluate life.

Which uni??

Now the stress of writing a personal statement is -nearly- over, I need five choices..

Does anyone have any advice?

I’ve been to a few open days which have been somewhat successful, but as I’ve changed courses recently, I’ve only really got one choice at the moment. Finding the right place and course is a lot harder than I thought. Personally I’d love to be in a city, particularly as I’d like to do media studies at uni and there seems to be many more work experience opportunities.  I also find the lecturers’ attitudes towards their subject vital. If they’re not passionate about what they teach, or don’t have any real experience in the industry, why should I pay nine grand a year for their “knowledge”??

Another part is the grade boundaries and how they relate to the actual quality of the course. Realistically, I think I can get grades BBC in my A levels, maybe even an A if Media goes well, which is what I’m applying for. But the lack of help from college is really what’s annoying me right now. I’ve had limited guidance with my personal statement but in terms of actually knowing where to go or which uni is the best for your course, there has been no advice whatsoever. I just hope this isn’t the case for all colleges/ sixth forms, as the decisions we have to make are simply life changing. The fact that I’m unsure at this point is terrifying, considering the monumental cost of the next three years.

So can anyone help? I suppose I just wanted to have a little rant but if there’s any advice out there I’d really love to hear it!!


A bit about me

…Just a bit.

I’m excited to write about what interests me and is important in my life. Right now, University is all that’s on my mind! But my interests include music (obviously), radio and travelling, all of which I’m looking forward to writing about, whether anyone is reading or not.

My sexuality is also something I feel strongly about. I am a bisexual female. My view is that why should I rule out half of the population in terms of building a romantic relationship, when I haven’t really had a strong relationship with either sex and don’t see either sex as not romantically or sexually attractive? Again. this is another topic I’d like to expand on in the future on this blog.

As I said, music is undoubtedly a huge part of my life as it provides as sense of escapism for me really. My favourite band by far is Coldplay – “We appreciate all the shit you get for liking Coldplay” – Chris at a Wembley show in June/One of the best nights of my life so far. For me, no one comes close to the beauty and emotion that’s conveyed through their music, and their albums have helped me through a lot throughout the last seventeen years! I’ve found my other favourite bands and artists through listening to BBC Radio 1 for a few years now, and the station has inspired my interest in radio and the media as a career path. Music reviews is maybe something I’d like to try with this blog too.



I’m a British seventeen year old hoping to share my views on issues in general I suppose! These first few posts are bound to be a load of shite but hopefully I can begin to write some decent things in the future. Right now I am applying for uni and I’ve been inspired by both the processes I’m currently experiencing to basically become an adult, and the past few months which have been quite .. interesting.. for this planet. So if there’s the slightest chance you may be interested in what a seventeen year old has to say about stuff right now, stick around?